Food Menu – Old


    • Cold Starters

    • Mix Meze

      $12 for 1
      $24 for 2

      Chef's selection of cold starters

    • Hot Starters

    • Deep-Fried Mussels


      Battered and pan-fried mussels on a stick, served with homemade cocktail sauce

    • Grilled Chicken Wings


      1/2 lbs. of seasoned chicken wings served with homemade garlic sauce

    • Hot-Mix Meze


      Chef's selection of hot starters

    • Jumbo Shrimp


      Sautéed jumbo shrimps with cocktail sauce

    • Lamb Liver


      Sautéed Nova Scotia lamb liver with onion & parsley

    • Vegetarian

    • Vegetarian Platter


      Falafel, stuffed grape leaves, grilled halloumi, eggplant saute, basmati rice with grilled veggies

    • Fresh Salads

      Add chicken, shrimp, or lamb +$8

    • Greek Salad


      Tomato, cucumber, green pepper, red onion, kalamata olives, & feta cheese with greek dressing

    • Karpouzi Me Feta


      Watermelon, feta, mint, & pomegranate molasses

    • Grilled

      Served with grilled veggies & rice. Upgrade to side salad +$3.50

    • Alinazik


      Ground lamb cooked with smoky eggplant & garlicky yogurt puree

    • Beef Kebab


      Tender cubes of marinated beef

    • Chicken Kebab


      Tender chicken cubes of marinated chicken breast

    • Eggplant Kebab


      Ground lamb cooked with eggplant

    • Grilled Chicken Wings


      1 lb. of seasoned chicken wings served with homemade garlic sauce

    • Kofte Kebab


      Ground Lamb with herbs and spices

    • Lamb Kebab


      Tender cubes of marinated Nova Scotia lamb

    • Spicy Chicken


      Ground chicken with herbs and spices

    • Yogurt Kebab


      Kofte kebab wrapped with pita topped with yogurt and tomato mint sauce

    • Seafood

    • Seafood Kebab


      King prawns and Digby scallops on a skewer with olive oil, garlic, herbs & lemon juice. Served with grilled veggies and rice

    • Seafood Mix


      Scallop, shrimp, squid, mussels, with pistachios, almonds, & aromatic broth. Served with rice.

    • Chef's Experience

    • Chef's Experience

      $55 per person

      Experience the best of what Smyrna has to offer with a selection of mezes and grilled meats